Uncle Henry's Deli

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Questions & Answers

Keg Beer


  1. How much notice do you need?

    We need at least 24 hours, we do prefer the longer the better but at least by closing time 5pm monday-saturday for the following day.

  2. Can we Change the Bread, Salad or Side Dish, and Add a Desert?

    Of course we have on out product/service page is a list of out lined menus for you.

    You may use anything from the substitution/add on to your order

    Were here to make you happy, if you have somthing thats not on the menu and you want it with your order call us and well discuss it, maybe it is something we can do for you. :)

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  1. How much Notice for Party Subs?

    for 3 foot to 8 foot Double Decker Sandwiches take a min of 3 days for us to insure the bread order since it is a custom bake.

    So if you need it for Friday you must order by Tuesday by 1pm

    So if you need it for Wenesday you must order by Saturday by 1pm

    If you need it for Saturday you must order by Wenesday by 1pm

  2. Notice on Sandwich order of 40people or more?

    For large orders for brown bag lunches, and sandwich platters please noifty us the day before by 5pm or a respectrable amount of time the day of, short notice is fine but remember were trying to make your dead lines.

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Keg Beer

  1. How much is the Deposit and How much notice on kegs?

    We only take cash for beer orders.

    We must know at least one day before by 3pm for the next day.

    We do not stock kegs if we do its just one or two.

    Deposit is $30 for each barral and $50 For Equipement.

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Deli In House

  1. Do You Offer WIFI?

    Yes we do for out custmers, so feel free to come in and use it, just ask our staff for the password, while you are ordering.:)

  2. What kind of enviorment do you offer for lunch time?

    Well we do have a 46" Flat Screen, A magazine Rack with car realted magazines. We Watch many old time tv shows, cartoons, along with newer tv show season and new movies. We try to keep our deli modern and vintage like when we began. :D

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