Uncle Henry's Deli

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Uncle Henry's Deli

    Uncle Henry's Deli was established in 1959 by Uncle Henry. Who was this "Uncle Henry"? Well, he grew up on a farm in Colorado and at 14 he decided to come out west, where he became a butcher in Hollywood. Six years later, he opened his own butcher shop in Lynwood, CA. A couple years later, he switched things up by working at the meat department in Metal Park Market in South Gate,CA. A few years later, he decided to do the butcher shop gig again this time in a little shopping center in Downey, CA. Finally, this is where we see the ground work for the deli begin. How was business? Booming! His little meat market was popping out pigs like subway coupons- a lot! Then, unfortunately, in the summer of '79- Henry had a stroke. Henry, too ill to continue running the deli, passed it on to his nephew, George Gaul. George had already been helping out at the deli here and there, so taking on the deli was a bitter sweet opportunity. George changed the name from "Henry's Meat Market" to "Uncle Henry's Deli". Henry was pleased to see all this happen, and sadly he died in December 1985. He will always be loved and remembered.                                                                                                     

                Now, just who is this George Gaul?                                                                 Before the deli, he worked for an Italian Cheese Company named Sierra Cheese. From there he went to work in the meat industry. More specifically, he worked for Serve/U Meat Company; which delt with fresh killed beef. He also worked for Moran Meat Company. He rose from the kill floors to management in the Meat Field. On the side, he also worked detailing cars. He loves cars and their beauty. 

     Now that George's twins are grown up, George can have a bit more leisure time. Now running the deli on a daily basis is George the III. With each new family member running the deli, one can see slight changes but definitely improvements. Every once in a while, you can catch the other twin, Christina, helping out. As you can see this really is a little family deli, but don't forget that our family is extended to all of our customers as well. We are extremely grateful for you. 

               We are located at 7400 Florence Ave, Downey, CA 90240

                                                ( Cross Street is Old River School Road )


  We believe in good customer service and good quality products. We personally hand-pick all of our own produce, meats and cheeses to guarantee the freshest and best available for our customers.

Our Motto is:

              "Put Something Exciting in Your Mouth,              

                            Eat At Uncle Henry's Deli"


            "Home Of The Big One, Sandwich That IS"