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Alesmith Tap Take Over!

  • Uncle Henry's Deli 7400 Florence Avenue Downey, CA, 90240 United States (map)

Tonight we will be featuring: 

Reforged XXI "21st Anniversary beer" 

This beer is a precise blend of three of AleSmith’s rare barrel-aged offerings – rum barrel-aged Old Numbskull (Old Rumskull), red wine barrel-aged Quad, and bourbon barrel-aged Noble Empire Imperial Porter. This unique blend creates a full-bodied, complex beer with flavors of vanilla, oak, chocolate, plums and cherry that make it a perfect beer for holiday toasts and cozy celebrations. This beer ages well for many years, which is why we have saved it just for you! 11% ABV

Vietnamese Speedway Stout

Since 2012 Alesmtih has been adding this blend of four Vietnamese coffees, known in Vietnam as cà phê sa đá, to our popular imperial stout. The coffee beans were slowly roasted at low temperatures and then brewed by AleSmith with a traditional phin-style filter that gently percolates water through the ground coffee. The result is an intensely aromatic and bold tasting coffee that complements the notes of chocolate and roast in this massive stout.  12% ABV

Sublime Lager 

"The band members are all big fans of this style of beer. We wanted to create our thirst-quenching version of a traditional Vienna-style lager (famously brewed by the Mexican breweries) that showcases a grainy, malt-forward sweetness and easy drinkability. Clean and crisp with subdued hop bitterness to balance, makes Sublime Mexican Lager the go-to beer for hot summer days or pre-concert tailgating." -- AleSmith owner/CEO, Peter Zien 5.2% ABV

Nut Brown Ale

AleSmith Nut Brown is a tribute to one of thier favorite British styles. Deep mahogany in color, its rich, malt forward flavor profile balances notes of biscuit, mild cocoa and earthy hops. A creamy mouthfeel and full body enhances its drinkability, making Nut Brown an extremely sessionable, ale that embodies our commitment to quality. 5% ABV

Horny Devil 

A Belgian-style Golden Ale brewed with authentic Belgian ingredients including candi sugar and a Trappist yeast strain, its fruity and spicy aromas include notes of orange, banana, and peppercorns. Coriander seeds add refreshing citrus notes which meld seamlessly with the beer’s delicate malt. Horny Devil finishes with a lively carbonation and a refreshingly dry finish. 10% ABV

Old Numbskull Bourbon Barrel Aged

 Barrel-Aged Old Numbskull,  is matured in premium bourbon barrels for up to one year to develop its rich and intense flavor profile. The result is an amazingly complex beer that balances the caramel and toasted malt character of the Old Numbskull with notes of vanilla, oak, and bourbon from the barrel aged process. Savor this one now or continue to age it in the bottle for years to come. 11% ABV

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