Big George

George, at 25 years old, took over the deli in 1978 when his Uncle Henry fell ill. However, the food business was not foreign to him. He had always worked in the food industry in various capacities- at an Italian cheese company and a couple of meat companies. His hayday at the deli was filled with 24 hour catering for small to large events and a lunch rush line that would put any hyped queue to shame. Now, George can be found hanging out with his deli friends telling a funny story or driving down the streets of Downey in one his beloved classic cars.

Little george

Having grown up at the deli, George had developed the business acumen to keep the deli going through tough times. In 2010, he began slowly making changes to the deli. Surprisingly, he took the deli from two taps of draft beer to over a hundred! Now, as the deli's craft beer connoisseur he curates our extensive draft and bottle selection. He is studying Health Science at Cal State Dominguez Hills. He is on the path to becoming a Health Inspector and maybe even work for the CDC one day.


Ruben's passion is MMA fighting and he's also going to school for a health science degree. He loves Shuttle Bunny, Italian Stallians and getting stuck in a good headlock. 



Donavin is a musician major who plays the drums and produces music. He loves Knee Deep Brewing IPAs, TBAs and cougars.  



Tyler is the hunny bear of the deli team yet he spends his time playing devils advocate in any opportunity to debate. He loves dank hops, Big Bs and feigning friskiness with the team. 



Julian is on the path to becoming the tender and loving nurse you've always asked for. In his off time he partakes in any and all things EDM. He loves double IPAs, Tuna Melts with BBQ sauce and producing videos of his kitten, Kiddy. 



Jon is our silent one but don't be fooled by that.  He loves an artistic emo photoshoot and a solid EDM party any day. He loves hot ham and cheeses, Mexican coke and a good Instagram post.



Michael is a record-spinning, tea-drinking polyglot studying Journalism and Japanese. He has major adoration for the Veggie sandwich, peanut butter stouts,  and some Umberto D (google it... watch it).



Jason in an aspiring famous guitarist. His role model is Freddie Mercury, lead vocals of Queen, for his revolutionizing work in Rock and Roll. Jason loves ALL beer (yet, only some sours),  pastrami variations and punking his team mates. 



Junior is one our longest comrades. He spends most of his free time hanging out with his son perfecting the balance between friend and dad. He loves a barrel aged stout, Rubens, and impersonations.



Sam is setting up to go to the police academy. He recently graduated from UC Davis in History. He likes IPAs, just plain deli meats and being a Jenga master.



Tony is setting up to become the next big PR man in the craft beer industry. He trolls breweries on his off days. Now, on his on days he's here loving the IPAs, the Sicilians and finding chances to show off his puppy paw tattoo (on his pecs). 



Billy is just Billy, funny looks and all. He is going to school and acting cool. He loves craft sodas, BBQ turkey sandwiches and high-water pants.



Sisco is serving us in the US Army and going to school for Business and Accounting. At a house party you can expect to see him grooving to his favorite EDM tracks. He loves Blondes, turkey and avocado sandwiches and long bathroom reads.